Program Overview

Finding a mentor is a powerful next step in the avalanche education journey. But too often there are limited options for such mentorship, and many novice backcountry travelers are left to figure out the ropes by themselves. On top of the need, there has been research that shows the benefits to both parties through the mentor/mentee relationship. Mentors will be challenged to think of familiar situations in new ways being asked at random from their mentees as well as gain new perspectives. Mentees will gain invaluable experiences and knowledge from mentors’ expertise. The FOFAC Mentorship Program is a way for the next generation of backcountry enthusiasts to find new partners, strengthen their skills, and learn from their peers.  This new approach fine-tunes the skills they already possess and adds to their practical usage of those skills. This is a recreational formal mentorship program.

Program Goals

  1. Expand the knowledge of both mentor and mentee.
  2. Create a program for those interested in teaching and sharing their skills with others through volunteering.
  3. Build confidence and improve individuals’ decision-making skills.
  4. Network and foster relationships within our community.
  5. Improve our public spaces making them safer with educated backcountry users.
  6. Run a successful program that other organizations can replicate to enhance the industry as a whole.


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Contact us with questions 

Reach out to our Mentorship Program Coordinator, Kira Frye at


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